Birthday & Engagement Party Venue Hire Broadway

Celebrate your special occasions with The Venue N10. With a capacity of up to 100 people, we offer private venue catering services for small to medium gatherings for all kinds of occasions including meetings, private events and corporate parties. Refurbished with marble walls and leather sofas, The Venue N10 can take your event to a whole new level of elegance.

If you are looking for a birthday party venue for children, The Venue N10 is the right choice.

When offering services as an engagement party venue or any other occasion, we do not offer catering services. However, we can outsource the job to someone who can ensure the highest possible standards for you. Contact our team today for more information.

The Venue N10 is the perfect event space for your special events and parties with our stylish modern lavish decor and lighting, comfortable seating, outstanding sound system, new wave disco lighting and dance floor. This venue really has the wow factor and at very reasonable rates.

Event Venue Hire Services in Broadway

Looking for an event venue for hire? You can now host small to medium gatherings and enjoy an exclusive experience at The Venue N10. With complete access to the entire venue during the event, your guests can feel at ease and have privacy when needed. The Venue N10 also offers bespoke packages tailored to meet your requirements.

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Call for Private Party Venue

Let The Venue N10 manage all your private party venue concerns. From a space dedicated entirely to your party, you can enjoy an exclusive event experience with our private party venue for hire. Marbled walls and bars, leather sofa-style booths and seating, plush high-end decor, crystal chandelier lighting, and the best music and lighting equipment are just a few factors that make our venue stand out.

Children's Party Venue Hire

Tired of searching “children’s party venue near me” online? Or maybe you have exhausted all your “bar mitzvah venues near me” search engine results? You can now end your party venue search with The Venue N10! Our versatile space is suitable for hosting all kinds of children’s parties and events. Whether you are looking for bar mitzvah venues or searching for a kid-friendly private space, our event venue can accommodate all kinds of event requirements. We also offer theme-based decoration and catering services on request for kids’ birthday parties and events. Contact us for more details.


Corporate Events Venue Hire

Hosting a corporate event can be challenging. At Venue N10, we can provide you with a corporate event venue to hire that meets all your requirements. We offer bespoke catering services to help you get the most out of your budget and provide an event space that can accommodate over 100 people. Whether you are meeting to discuss the upcoming audit or celebrating a milestone event, at Venue N10 we offer a service personalised to your preferences.

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Rent an affordable and luxurious event venue with Venue N10 today! Our versatile private space offers a sophisticated and elegant venue for hosting all kinds of events. From engagement parties to corporate events, our team can accommodate your specific needs. To learn more about our venues and rates, kindly contact us at 07949271800 or email us at info@thevenueN10.co.uk. We suggest that you come and view The Venue N10’ ‘To arrange an immediate viewing call us on 07949271800

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